ab·er·rant [uh-ber-uhnt, ab-er-]
1. departing from the right, normal, or usual course.
2. deviating from the ordinary, usual, or normal type; exceptional; abnormal.
3. an aberrant person, thing, group, etc.


1820–30; < Latin aberrant- (stem of aberrāns, present participle of aberrāre to deviate). See ab-, errant

Related forms

ab·er·rance, ab·er·ran·cy, noun
ab·er·rant·ly, adverb

Other Meanings

World English Dictionary

aberrant (æˈbɛrənt)

— adj
1. deviating from the normal or usual type, as certain animals from the group in which they are classified
2. behaving in an abnormal or untypical way
3. deviating from truth, morality, etc

Medical Dictionary

aberrant ab·er·rant (ā-běr'ənt, āb'ər-) adj.

Deviating from the usual course, as certain ducts, vessels, or nerves.

Deviating from the normal; untrue to type.

Out of place; ectopic.