clown [kloun]

1. a comic performer, usually in a circus, who wears an outlandish costume and exaggerated makeup, and entertains with ridiculous and exaggerated actions.
2. a person who acts like a clown; a comical, playful person.
3. an incompetent, foolish person.
4. a prankster.
5. Slang. A rude, ill-mannered person; boor.
6. a rustic; a peasant.

verb (used without object)

7. to act or behave in a frivolous manner, like that of a clown.


1555-65; earlier cloyne, clowne, perhaps akin to Old Norse klunni boor, Danish dialect klunds, Swedish dialect klunn log


2. buffoon, jester, comedian.
4. lout, churl.
5. bumpkin.

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