con·glom·er·ate [n., adj. kuh n-glom-er-it, kuh ng-; v. kuh n-glom-uh-reyt, kuh ng-]

1. a cluster of heterogeneous material.
2. a corporation consisting of several smaller subsidiaries whose activities are unrelated to that of the parent corporation.
3. Geology. a rock consisting of gravel or pebbles embedded in a matrix.


4. clustered in a mass:
“Conglomerate wires.”

5. consisting of heterogeneous material.
6. of or relating to a corporate conglomerate.
7. Geology. composed of gravel or pebbles fragmented together.

verb (used with object), con·glom·er·at·ed, con·glom·er·at·ing.
8. to combine together into a large mass.

verb (used without object), con·glom·er·at·ed, con·glom·er·at·ing.
9. to collect or cluster together.
10. Business. to combine companies into a conglomerate.


1565-75; < Latin conglomerātus (past participle of conglomerāre), equivalent to con- con- + glomer- (stem of glomus) ball of yarn + -ātus -ate1

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