e·rupt [ih-ruhpt]
verb (used without object)

1. to burst forth; to vent:

Lava erupted from the volcano.

2. to eject something violently, especially from a volcano or geyser.
3. to break out of a confined state, usually in a violent manner.
4. to break out in a rash.
5. (teeth) to emerge from surrounding tissues and become visible in the mouth.

verb (used with object)

6. see def 1.
7. see def 2.


1650-60; < Latin ēruptus burst forth, broken out (past participle of ērumpere), equivalent to ē- e-1+ ruptus, past participle of rumpere to break, rupture


1. blow up, break out.
2. spew, belch, emit, jet, hurl.
3. explode

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