ex·haust [ig-zawst]
verb (used with object)

1. to fatigue or drain the energy of, as a person or living thing:

The dog exhausted itself pulling sleds.

2. to use up completely; use up everything:

She exhausted all her financial resources towards the charitable organization.

3. to extract all essentials from a subject, topic, etc.
4. to empty or drain by drawing out or extracting its contents:

To exhaust the water tank.

5. to create a vacuum in.
6. to drain off or deplete completely.
7. to deprive or deplete something wholly of property, resources, etc.:

To deplete an ore mine.

8. Chemistry, Pharmacology. to deprive of ingredients by the use of solvents, as a drug.
9. to deplete the fertility of soil, such as by excessive cultivation or grazing.

verb (used without object)

10. to escape or leave, to pass through, as spent steam from an engine.

noun, Machinery

11. the escape of gases from an engine; escape of steam.
12. the steam and/or gases ejected:

Exhaust came out of the engine.

13. See also exhaust system: the parts of an engine that handle the ejection of exhaust.


1515-25; 1895-1900 for def 11; < Latin exhaustus emptied out, drained out, past participle of exhaurīre


1. tire, enervate, prostrate, debilitate.
2. waste, squander, dissipate.
4. void.
12. fumes, smoke, vapor.


1. strengthen, invigorate.
4. fill.